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The cheerful world of Victor Nunes

Brazilian artist Victor Nunes combines every-day objects with simple doodles to turn them into pictures of faces, animals and other patterns. He gives meaning to random objects in a fantastic way! Psychologists call it pareidolia, I personally call it amazing … Continue reading

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Narboo’s Zoo

When I dropped in City Hostel Seattle, I directly saw the colorful frames on the walls. Little ones, big ones, round ones, wooden ones; a bunch of birds and other funny animals surrounding me. These artworks are made by a … Continue reading

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Turtle Wayne

After Eric Joyner, here is another artist I discovered at the Art Attack Gallery in SF. His name: Turtle Wayne. His passion: drawing turtles obviously! When walking on Hyde Street with my boyfriend we saw a guy drawing on a door with … Continue reading

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The Eric Joyner Theory Show

If you’re a fan of the Big Bang Theory show, you will recognize some of these robot art prints. Some of them are hanged in Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment. You might have spotted the “Robot Line-up” picture above Leonard’s bed or … Continue reading

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Secret Life of Superheroes

Have you ever wondered what superheroes do when they aren’t saving the world? Well, Gregoire Guillemin has some ideas about it. In his “Secret Life of Superheroes series”, famous characters have been caught doing embarrassing things. Like Wonder Woman stuffing her bra or Hulk … Continue reading

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Tadao Cern vs Vincent Van Gogh

First I thought “How cool is this picture? It’s meant to be a photographic version of the famous auto portrait of Vincent Van Gogh. The guy looks exactly like the artist it’s crazy!” But that’s not what happened. You will see … Continue reading

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You’ve got hate mail

Today I had a good laugh when I came upon Mr.Bingo‘s new book “hate mail”. This bloke certainly has a sense of humor! His idea was simple and hilarious. In April 2011 he launched a new service on his website. … Continue reading

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